No… not like Finding Nemo…lol. Hear me out…

Since I’ve already eluded to my age (and they say the truth shall set you free) you know that I’m past the age of forty. So how is it possible that now at this “late” stage of life I am now “finding myself” for lack of a better phrase.

I think we are somehow conditioned to think that we should have everything sorted out by our mid-twenties. By then, we should have finished our 1st degree and well on the way to climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. Well that’s what I always thought… but why? Perhaps we are framed by the expectations of our parents and culture, who consciously or subconsciously direct us down certain paths, OR perhaps in our ignorance, e think our true personalities, dreams and ambitions aren’t “good enough” or “too big”. I dont know the exact reason. All I know is that there are alot of us out there hesitant to be who we really are!

But I am coming to realize that it takes some of us a good few years or even decades to truly figure out who we really are AND what we were meant to be and do in the time frame that God allots us. God didn’t call Abraham and Moses until they were well advanced in years to do momentous tasks; so give yourselves a break.

The point is…I am now finding me! God has me led me on an incredible journey of self-discovery which is truly blowing my mind. Truth: Some of the things I am discovering about myself ..”ain’t too cute”, but at least now I know and can prayerfully make changes.

But for the most part, I am liking the Dawn that I am discovering 🙂  Not the Dawn I’ve tried to be for years, but my true authentic self. Flowing in the gifts, character and anointing that God placed in and on me. It was God that knit me together in my mother’s womb…so I must be great right?? lol. In fact He says I’m fearfully and wonderfully made…So that I must be!

Why it took me so long to discover these things, I don’t know..but the more I permit myself to be me, and to do the things that I love doing..the happier I am becoming! It’s liberating and exhilarating! As my son said to me yesterday “I get it mummy… you’re happy”

TAKE NOTE though: The journey of self-discovery (however you choose to go about it) isn’t easy by any means. Most times sweeping changes in our lives..take much courage, strength and support from loved ones. You then have to push past fear and anxiety, what others may think, your own personal insecurities, etc.

But do it anyway! Because until you do, until you walk in who you were really created to will be frustrated, unfulfilled and mostly unhappy. You will do yourself, your children, the world and God.. a great injustice. You will probably never live with the full passion, drive and commitment that you are suppose to, and may forfeit the “abundant” life Christ intended you to have.

So have a think..I’m just sooo  very grateful to God that I am finding “Dawn”, so I have opened up, been vunerable and shared with you…so you can find yourself too!!

Coach D