Hello there 🙂 Yes I am still alive and kicking, well I wasn’t in Blog land. But Abba has a way of nudging you, sometimes not so gently, and so here I am again!

Besides, I  simply had to tell you about the BOOM and the BBBs. Oh boy, Dawn has finally lost it.  Nope, allow me to explain. Last weekend I decided to ignore the alarming cost of gas and movie tickets and take my sons to a movie. It had been a while let me tell ya. I decided on “Here comes the Boom“. We reached the movies, they spotted a cousin … well, you guessed it, I Boomed alone…

I loved that movie, albeit the fighting, the WWW has never been my thing, this was a GOOD, uplifting, positive movie. Brilliant work Kevin James! Funny and inspirational. As I left the theatre and  went  off to seek my prodigal sons; the excitement of the movie was still running through my veins and there it came.. my epiphany, my lightbulb moment, my aha, my ‘alright den!’… I am bored!

Okay, so I am not going to sign-up to be beaten to a pulp to raise needed funds for kids, BUT there is some greater purpose yet unfulfilled that is resulting in my “feeling of boredom”. But how can I be bored I thought, I am ALWAYS busy, working, running here there and everywhere taking care of life’s responsibilities, where could I even carve out time to be bored?

But time or not..I indeed have an intermittent case of the BBBs…


(Perhaps I am the only one in the world with this ailment or the only one that will admit it..blog me back and let me know please)

We can be busy or doing something every waking moment of our lives, but unless we are fulfilling our God-given purpose and living or heading towards our destinies…there is something inside of us that’s dead! Might I suggest that making a bunch of money, spending it on bills, running around like mad people…does not necessarily mean that our lives are fulfilled and abundant.

Every so often I think of the promise of my Saviour:  “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” John 10: 10

I don’t know about you all..but tell the truth… I ain’t there yet, and I ain’t stopping till I am!

I believe that we were all put on this earth for a purpose that is much greater than ourselves. We were put here to accomplish some “thing” that benefits humanity and brings glory to our Creator. For some of us this “thing” is sooooo big and intimidating that we sometimes subconsciously ignore it or we simply get got caught up in the “busyness” of life and the years, even decades roll on.

This purpose may or may not be tied to our careers, for some this “thing” lies outside of the 9 to 5.

  • It may be a ministry, volunteer work, a part-time job, a side business.
  • It may be something that earns money, it may be something that uses money.
  • It may be raising a child or travelling the world
  • It can be something small that you do every day or it can be a onetime huge event that changes people lives!

Whatever…if you aren’t yet doing it, I encourage you to find it and get moving. Here are some possible clues:

  • What did you like to do as a child?
  • What is that thing people always commend you on and you bless them?
  • What warms your heart?
  • What did you or do you dream about?
  • What pulls your heartstrings?
  • What would you do for certain given no time, money or resource limitations?

Joel Osteen said the other day that we should be living our lives with Purpose, Passion and Praise! Let’s all strive to get to that place, because you know what, if we are living with the PPPs then we can’t suffer from the BBBs!

Stacey Speller tweeted last week: “Living on purpose is energizing so if you find yourself always tired then you must be living for something else”…hhmmm….Ouch!

Ask God to open your eyes and ears, ask Him for wisdom, knowledge and discernment, ask Him to help you find and get moving with your “thang”. I am!

..From the BBBs to the PPPs!!, D