Okay, 2018 has started, 2017 flew by and here we are again starting fresh. For some of us that means making the oh too familiar ‘New Years Resolutions’ and for others going the ‘personal development’ route it means casting a vision and making goals.

The New Years Resolutions thing has never been me, and clearly, as a Coach, it would be remiss of me not to create a vision for my own life; but all that vision stuff got me to thinking, can it really be that simple? Do we just sit down, start daydreaming and write out this glorious vision? Was there a reason(s) that most of these visions never seem to come to past?  Perhaps we need to take a good look at our Vision, then look at ourselves to see how they mesh.

So, here’s my recommendation, have a really good look at your Vision for 2018 and ask yourself these questions:

But Why? Why do I really want this? I have found that sometimes we think we want to acquire or achieve something, but a closer analysis will reveal that we really don’t know why. Is it the clock ticking in your ears? (For instance the ‘biological clock’)  Or a family’s tradition, society or an achievement of another that is influencing your desires? Hmmmm.

Does your Vision align with your personal belief system? For instance, if you are a Christian does it align with the Word of God? Whatever it is that you believe in, whatever values you hold dear, does your vision for 2018 measure up?

Does your vision benefit anyone else? If this wonderful thing takes place in your life, who else stands to benefit? Surely we are blessed to be a blessing? When this great vision comes to past, who besides you will benefit?

Most importantly…Who do I need to become to accommodate this Vision? Are you mentally and emotionally ready for the vision, are your values and emotions in alignment? Quite frankly, are you the kind of person you need to be?

Tough questions, especially the last one. For me, I realized that my behaviors were not in alignment with one of my visions. I had to change. Essentially I was not who I needed to be to host what I wanted the year to bring. It seems that the more we want to achieve, the more we have to become a better version of ourselves. We have to keep growing, we have to ensure that we are physical, mentally, intellectually and emotionally ready to accommodate and sustain our Visions.

But I am not intimidated (I think) and neither should you be 🙂 Dream big, cast a HUGE Vision for 2018 and beyond! But ask the hard questions, answer them, and do the work to achieve your goals!

‘Asking and answering’

Coach D