My mum and I noticed that there are an alarming amount of butterflies and moths around recently. I mean a lot! Have you noticed this? It seems like everything that was in its cocoon state has suddenly transformed. As I pondered this, what came to me was that it must be about that time. Time to transform!

People often talk about this amazing, transformation process that moths and butterflies go through. It is one of those astounding, creation stories that only God could have orchestrated, and one that He certainly wants us to learn from. I mean really, the incredulous stages that they go through to become these beautiful creatures, is fascinating. Call me weird, but I learn a lot from creatures nature! 

So what can we learn? Firstly, our butterfly friends can’t decide “you know what, let’s scrap all that dark, wrapped up, waiting thing; I know what I’m meant to be, let’s get on with it!” They can’t. It simply doesn’t work that way for them or for most of us! No one wants to walk through valleys of darkness, no one wants to wait, but that is simply how it must work for most of us. It’s a PROCESS! A necessary process that probably shouldn’t be hurried or negated. It is understood that if you rip the cocoon open to help the butterfly out, they die! Why? Because that’s not how it is meant to happen!

We look for the quickest escape route;  we don’t understand why no one is helping us, we don’t understand why the world seems to be watching us struggle;  we don’t understand why everyone else seems to be moving forward except us; but there is a reason. YES, there are times when human assistance is definitely needed, case and point our tragically affected Bahamian friends. THEY NEED HELP! But, often in our personal, intimate storms, we are meant to work through the process until we truly become who we are meant to become. You see, as we sit on the backside of the hot desert, for what seems like forever, we are acquiring the required training and development for our next phase!

PLEASE remember though, we are never meant to stay in our cocoons forever. Like our butterfly friends, there is a season to COME OUT AND FLY! There comes a point where we must gather our lessons learnt, acknowledge that we have now changed forever, and fly! If you are in a dark, wilderness season, and the years and even decades have passed, then might I lovingly suggest that you seek some help with processing.

We are meant to fly! We are meant to change the world with our gifts, talents and abilities. Note the numerous variety of butterflies that exist, each one strikingly beautiful in its own right, that’s us! Your transformation process is not for you to say “Look at me now!”, post everything to social media and then hope your haters notice; your inner beautification is meant to manifest the glory of God and bring light to this oftentimes dark and dreary world.

A point to note, a butterfly NEVER returns to its cocoon NEVER! Ensure you have truly transformed (meaning you are never going back to what was) and you haven’t simply changed for a season. Also, remember, our butterfly friends still probably encounters trials outside the cocoon, but these never stop them from being a Butterflies! So, if you know that you have worked through your cocoon process(es) and if you are willing to receive it, I declare “IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME! It’s time to transform, be beautiful and fly!”

Flying with you 🙂 Coach D