How do you honor someone who helped give you life? Someone who has been there from your first breaths? How do you move on from a relationship that shaped the very essence of who you are? It’s a difficult assignment, to which I can only answer…You say “Thank You!”

The following is an edited version of my family tribute  ‘TO SIR WITH LOVE’

Thank you Sir for teaching us about RESPECT for all! In all our days we’ve never seen our father treat anyone differently. Never. Regardless of colour, class, background, job or social status, our dad treated everyone equally with dignity and respect. With a sincere heart he interacted with all. He had no pretentious airs, to him people were people.  Our dad showed all RESPECT!

Thank you Sir for teaching us RESILIENCE. That the so-called failures of life are nothing but Learning Lessons. You have taught us that it is okay if something doesn’t work out, you pick yourself up, dust off, learn your lesson and try something else. And if you’ve negatively impacted a life, you try to make amends and do better next time. You taught us that Life is about Trying, Failing, Learning and Persevering. Our dad was RESILIENT!

Thank you Sir for teaching us about GIVING! All our days we’ve seen our dad give and give and give. He was a strong man with a soft heart, and an affinity for helping the less fortunate and those in need. He gave not only of his resources, but of his time. He taught us all to help where we can, and with what we can. Our dad was a Giver!

Thank you Sir for your never-ending Support and Encouragement! Whenever our lives didn’t go as planned, he was there! Never judging, just supporting. Throughout our days, there has never been ANY project we’ve discussed with our dad that we couldn’t count on his support. For instance, when I told him I wanted to Life Coach, he had no idea what that was, but as always, he said, “Okay, tell me about it..Do you need to train? How can I help?” Our dad was an ENCOURAGER!

Thank you Sir for teaching us about LOVE! Never a man for emotional or fluffy words, yet his love and commitment to his wife, children and grandkids could never be questioned. There has never been a doubt in my mind that my dad would give an organ or his life for one of us. If you really knew him, you would know that he loved much and loved deeply. A love that extended to his beloved country Barbados. Our dad loved People!

Thank you Sir for teaching us about LEGACY. It often takes a fine man to nurture and influence fine men, and Sir you have raised two of the finest men I personally know in my brothers. Thank you for the role you’ve played with my sons, the next generation. Our dad created a legacy!

And finally…Thank you Sir for reminding us that it’s never too late. It is never too late to learn, to grow, to become better. In these latter days I’ve had the distinct privilege of Bible reading, praying for and with my dad almost every day, and sharing the heart of the Lord with him; I will treasure this always! I know that we will meet again in the very presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our  dad ended strong!”

It’s truly the End of an Era for us! But I choose to think of his life as a prolific seed which will harvest much fruit for generations to come!

Forever in my heart, your loving daughter… Coach D