Yesterday I repented before the Lord and asked for His help with something in me that needed changing! This ‘thing’ can be viewed as a flaw in my character highlighted all the more during this present journey, which we call the ‘Global Pandemic’.

I call Covid-19 a Great Revelator because it has caused many of us ‘to see the real me’. The present distresses of the last year showed us who we really are underneath, and what we are made of. It is very easy to drift from day to day, and watch year after year pass by aimlessly. In fact, many people’s schedules are packed so tight, they don’t even have a spare moment to figure out the depths of their foundation. 

But there is something about great Trials and Tribulations, that lay bare the hidden aspects of our soul and reveal our true character and belief systems. There is something about being stripped of our usual routines, pleasures, and vices, that reveal hidden truths. There are many that consciously or subconsciously keep their minds so filled with daily activities, that serious matters of character, values, and beliefs are never allowed to surface for review and transformation.

People of God believe that God works all things for the good (given the parameters set), so one ‘good’ thing that should have unfolded for us in the last year, was the revelation of the things we need to remove, edit or enhance in our lives. Reagrdless of your beliefs, you should at least have figured out what they are.

I’m a Coach and we ask lots of questions 🙂 so let me pose a few today:

Who are you really, minus the ‘regular’? What truly lies at the core of your being once:

  • You cannot go to work or have no work?
  • You cannot go to your gym, restaurants, concerts, social events?
  • You cannot visit your ‘sweetheart? 
  • You cannot purchase your usual pleasure items? 
  • You cannot engage in your ‘self-care or enhancement routines?
  • You cannot rely on those that help you with your day-to-day responsibilities?
  • You cannot travel for vacation or work?
  • You cannot go to church? 
  • You are truly ALONE and QUIET for a significant time?

Here are some more things to consider:

  • Who are you when these things were stripped away? Are you the same person minus these things?
  • How are you coping or are you coping? What is your coping mechanism?
  • Have you filled the empty spaces with other vices (even if not so healthy ones)? 
  • Has your value system remained intact? Has your faith diminished?
  • Have you discovered you could live without a person/activity/thing? OR that you REALLY need them/it to function effectively? 
  • Have you discovered you have some skills that need development? 
  • Have your relationships changed? 
  • Have you???

This past year brought not only sickness and death but also Plagues of :

  • Intense Fear and Anxiety
  • Strife and Disunity
  • Intolerance and Prejudice
  • Gossip and Fearmongering

Did any of these things creep into your heart? OR worse yet, left your mouth? Have you OR are you presently contributing to these other plagues?

Truth? Let us not place full blame on Covid and the other ails of 2020, I am suggesting to you they didn’t create all these ugly things in us, it just dug them up and brought them to the surface. If you have been terrified or anxious, then maybe you have always been an anxious person. I know that was one of my issues. If you found yourself speaking against others for their skin color, religious or political beliefs, then maybe that seed of hate and prejudice was always there.

So let’s not waste the peculiarities and painfulness of this season. Take this time to hold up a mirror and ask yourself ‘WHO AM I REALLY?’ What has Covid revealed to me? But don’t stop there. Be determined to change for the better. Be determined to grow Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally. Be determined to come out of this thing a healthier and stronger person. Do what you must…pray, repent, study, train, seek help…but don’t miss this opportunity!

If you come out of this Pandemic the exact same person as you were when it started…you missed it! You missed a grand opportunity to use it for your personal good, and an opportunity to BE Better, DO better, BELIEVE Better, and SOW Better seeds!

Love and Peace,

Coach D