DANG! That’s the punch right there…you’re down for the count!

You ever felt like LIFE punched you so very hard, that you’re down and don’t feel like getting back up. Like you are in a boxing ring, been hit one too many times, and finally, you’ve fallen, and quite frankly you’re too exhausted or too petrified to get back up.

Life does that sometimes, and whether it is one massive knock-out punch (the sudden death of a loved one), or a series of ‘smaller’ repeated ones (money woes, infidelity, sickness), LIFE has beaten you down and you’re down for the count; you are kissing the floor and despite its cold, hard exterior, at least down there its blows-free for the moment.

But you can still hear the Referee counting “1-2-3…” and you know that if you don’t muster every ounce of courage you have, and drag your wounded behind up of that floor…You’ve lost the battle! If you don’t get back up, life’s trials and pains have overcome; the Light that you have been placed on earth to shine has gone out and those you are called to, have lost a source of illumination.

So whether it’s 1 -2-3 months,1-2-3 years or 1-2-3 decades….there comes a point when you have got to stop hugging the concrete floor and get up and move on! A time when you must listen to your Spirit and Soul telling you that you can’t live on the floor forever without permanent loss.

 If you are there, and I have been…in those moments you have to find something to fight for; something that pushes past the pain, bruises, and humiliation, and causes you to shout “Oh Heck NO! I’m not going out like this! I’m not a quitter! Life…I’m back! I may be battered, bruised, and exhausted…but I’M BACK!”

Everyone needs ‘Something(s)’ in life that is worth fighting to the death for…FIND YOURS! Perhaps it’s Your Spouse/Kids, or Outreach Work, or Responsibility for another, or Fulfilment of GOD PURPOSE! Whatever it is, write it down…stick it on a wall…tell a loved one… create a Vision Board! WHATEVER! Just write the vision and make it plain! (Habakkuk 2:2)

The point is, it must be so cemented (no pun intended☺) in your mind; so that you never ever forget it…because once you’ve reached adulthood, this thing we call LIFE will box you around at some point. Perhaps your opponents aren’t that strong, and you’ve bobbed and weaved around life’s ring without much harm; even so, eventually, you will get tired from all the movement and you will STILL need your ‘something(s)’ to keep going.

So if you feel like you’re down for the count, consider me your Boxing Coach telling you to FIGHT BACK, Fight until you’re the one saying “Life, take that! I took all you handed to me, and I fought the good fight and now my hand is raised in Victory!

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:57)

In the Boxing Ring with you 

Coach D