Help! I’ve left the past season behind, but I haven’t reached the other side yet! I need a Boat, a Bridge, Something to help me cross over!

There is absolutely no do doubt about it, almost all of us are in a great season of Change and Transition. But change can be difficult for many, especially when you do not know what you are changing into or where you are going. You know you have left the cocoon of the last season, but as to what exactly your butterfly season looks like, you are clueless!

This is where a boat or a bridge comes in. You need help to get you over: a person, a philosophy, a resource, a thought process, something! Something that is reliable, steadfast, unchangeable, and sturdy to get you from Point A to Point B. Some life changes may bring some level of trepidation, so you don’t want a leaky boat or a worm-eaten bridge.

I have been through many transitions in my life, specifically in the last 2 decades. Physical relocations, relationship adjustments, career shifts…and the only thing that has helped me was my total reliance on God. He has been my Bridge, my Boat, my Counselor, My Comfort, my Strength, everything I needed during the uncertainties. You see, during the ‘in-between’ especially in this presently shakeable world, you need an unshakeable force!

Cambridge dictionary defines a bridge as a “structure that is built over a river, road, or railway to allow people and vehicles to cross from one side to the other”. That’s what you need, something that allows you to cross over. This reminds me of Mark 4, where Jesus literally said “Let’s cross to the other side…” Why was this significant? Because his team was about to face a life-threatening storm on the way to their destination. But they made it, you know why? Because they had Him and His promise that they were going to the other side!

Change can be turbulent, even if it is leading to something absolutely positive and fantastic. Some days your emotions can take you on a roller coaster ride; the land of in-between can invite thoughts of frustration, regret, impatience, anxiety, and even depression. Especially, if you have that ‘I need to be in control’ personality and are accustomed to having all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed.

So here is my advice to those who are waiting to firmly step into their ‘NEW’, but you aren’t quite there yet, use a BRIDGE :

Build a relationship with the Lord, it is He who will be Your Bridge and help you with ALL the surrounding issues of life transitions. Trust me on this!

Remember all that you have already walked through successfully, and remember all your promises yet to come to pass, fight for them!

Imagine all that life could be! Use the wonderful gift of imagination to encourage and inspire yourself daily!

Do what you can do! Sometimes confusion, apathy, helplessness, and stagnation can occur in the in-between places. So put your hands to something, even if tiny or seemingly insignificant.

Go after what has already been revealed. As soon as you know anything for sure, or a new door opens…go after the new!

Eradicate the negative. The negative thoughts, conversations, news…anything that’s putting stumbling blocks on your path to your new life.

So that’s it, my humble advice. Remember every day will not be the same, and your Life Change may seem stormy, so grab hold of the only One that can walk with you on the Bridge AND actually be the Bridge, Jesus!

Believing with you for the New! Coach D