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My company D31 is all about Personal Development, so we create and facilitate workshops that focus on understanding and developing self. We believe that it is important to invest time and effort in continuous learning and self-development.

Creativity is one of our core values, so we work hard to ensure that creative elements are part and parcel of every workshop to ensure attendee engagement and fun. So whether we are delivering one of our Signature Series workshops or designing and facilitating one especially for our client; creativity and compassion remain our hallmarks.

An attendee at a recent session on Emotions commented: “it was an amazing session and I believe that your delivery  was on point and well received.” 

D31 Signature Series

Our Signature Series focuses on areas that we are passionate about and highly committed to:

  • Health & Wellness (Nutrition|Exercise|Sleep)
  • Basic Life Skills (for Home)
  • Presenting Self – Your Personal Brand
  • Goal Setting, Planning & Time Management
  • Professional Development (Working for others| Working for Self)
  • Who am I? – Personality Types, Passion & Purpose
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Interpersonal Skills (Conflict Resolution | Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness)
  • Forgiveness

Designed For You

Recognizing that not ‘everything is for everybody’ we can design a workshop specifically targeted to your group and the specific needs of your clientele. D31 is willing to discuss the design and facilitation of any ‘personal development’ topic that is aligned with our beliefs and value system.


“The presentation was timely, as many of us are young professionals who are learning and navigating our way in various work environments and social settings…
Your content was clean and concise and extremely helpful.  Your tips on finding out your emotional triggers, self-management strategies and social awareness are things that can be applied to daily life and by extension, helpful in assisting individuals to understand themselves better.” 

Young Rotarians


“Dawn facilitated one of our workshops on ‘Basic Life Skills for the Young Entrepreneur.’ The Entrepreneurs left the session feeling relieved, energized and ready to apply their new mindset to their various businesses.They keep expressing the creativity in Dawn’s presentation and wish to see her again.

Thanks to Dawn, we have entrepreneurs who are ready to push harder with a new and improved attitude to their business. Thank You!”

Barbados Youth Business Trust

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